Let Curated Botanics Design an Arrangement of Faux Flowers in NZ

Putting together a bouquet of faux flowers in NZ is a wonderful way to add a touch of beauty to any room. Curated Botanics carries a variety of silk flowers to suit any style or preference. 


Tips for Getting More Value Out of Faux Flowers

Although silk flowers don’t require the level of care that real flowers do, there are still specific steps that you can take to get more value out of this type of arrangement. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Take advantage of a consultation with our floral artist: Do you find yourself struggling to find the right faux flowers for your home or office? Our floral artist is here to assist. We collaborate with you on different arrangement ideas that will let visitors and guests believe that you have a breathtaking live floral bouquet in the room.

  • Pick your favourite flower: We create our bouquets with an assortment of flowers. To ensure that you enjoy your arrangement, you should try to incorporate faux flowers that you like.

  • Be conscious of the vase: It’s important to keep in mind that many of our arrangements come with its own vase. If you would like to design an arrangement around a vase that you already have, we can coordinate that with you. We typically request that you send us a photo of the vase so that we can work toward designing the perfect display of faux flowers.

Related Services We Provide to Faux Flower Arrangements

Over and above creating elegant flower arrangements, we also provide our clients with a variety of other services. Some examples include:

  • Easy return policy: Although we are sure that you will instantly enjoy your faux flowers, if you are displeased for any reason or there is something wrong with your arrangement when you receive it, simply contact us within seven days of the day that you received your order. A member of our team will help you coordinate a stress-free return.

  • Laybuy: We never want you to feel as though you need to choose between a bouquet of faux flowers and your budget. Using Laybuy as your payment method gives you the option to complete your order now and set up an interest-free payment schedule to pay the principle off over the following six weeks. You don’t have to worry about any additional fees as a result of using this option.

  • Subscriptions: Would you like to update your arrangement periodically? It may suit you to take advantage of our subscription offer. Our subscription comes with a new bouquet in a vase every three months. You can tailor your subscription so that the blooms suit the needs of a specific space. Learn more about our subscription options.



Why Trust Curated Botanics Regarding Faux Flower Arrangements in NZ

The talented floral artist at Curated Botanics enjoys assisting clients in putting together a tasteful arrangement that would suit any home or office. Each bouquet arrives quickly and ready to display. Our customer service team is readily available to address any of your concerns. Use our contact page to send us a message.