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Interior designer large coffee table styling

Our main lounge coffee table is probably the most changed out styling space in the home as we use this room for various purposes throughout a week. It goes from layered and beautiful to sparse and functional with a monopoly board, kid’s laptops or cards taking over the space. It really does change many times during the week!

For the moments that the coffee table gets put back together, our main objective is that it brings us joy and makes us happy as we stroll past it on the way to the kitchen many times each day! Below I list some interior designer tips for styling a large sized coffee table.

Large Coffee table styled with large peony vase



Aim for a balance between form and function and ensure the look works with the rest of the room. In this example I have chosen to style one side of the coffee table to balance out other styling items which are visually weighted on the opposite side of the room. The clean space provides both visual calm and a space for practical use.


Start with an anchor piece, such as a decorative tray or a stack of books, to provide structure to your table. I nearly always will use a tray as my starting point but in this example, it wasn’t needed as I have a wide spread grouping of items.


Coffee Table books with sculptural vases


Incorporate items of varying heights to add visual interest. This could include a tall vase with flowers, a medium-sized sculpture, and smaller decorative objects. I like to stack books or magazines and layer objects on top to create depth and dimension. This pair of fine bone China vases adds visual interest without cluttering the space. As this example is styled for a formal setting, I am not concerned with the flower vase height in front of the TV and having larger sized florals adds grandeur.



Introduce different textures to create depth. Mix materials like wood, metal, glass, and ceramics for added interest. In this example I love the combination (and juxtaposition) of the white fine bone China sculptural pieces with the more organic and aged Moroccan bowls and highly textured, methodically made foraged bird's nest.  

Faux Peonies Magenta


This Jake Arnold book cover is in a deep raisin colour which enhances the plum of the peonies and rich under leaf colour of the magnolia foliage. Taking a colour hue from your focal piece to help choose partnering items is a great technique for pulling together a table display.



Bring life to your coffee table with either a vase of fresh or faux flowers or a small potted plant or succulent arrangement. Flowers and greenery add freshness and colour to the space. I have always been a lover of peonies so using this faux arrangement (‘Magenta Moments’) means I can have them looking fresh year-round! (I will keep the house looking fresh by restyling the same arrangement in different areas throughout the house over the year.)



Display items that reflect your personality or are special to your family. I found this discarded bird’s nest with the kids on holiday over Christmas and it is such a reminder that nature does it best. It has become a handy styling addition to various spaces and the kids always love to tell the story.

Coffee table styled with large peony vase and books



Experiment with both symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangements to see what suits your space best. Symmetry can provide a sense of order, while asymmetry can feel more relaxed and casual. I will showcase different looks with each style in future blogs.


Remember to regularly edit and refresh your coffee table display to prevent it from feeling stagnant or cluttered. You should use this surface to express yourself - the key is to strike a balance between style and functionality while reflecting your personal taste and lifestyle.




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