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The appearance of artificial flowers in New Zealand has improved so significantly over the years that many people now have a hard time telling the difference between fresh and faux. While fresh floral arrangements can deliver a sweet fragrance throughout your space, there are numerous benefits to investing in quality artificial flowers for your décor, including being low maintenance and having an extended lifespan. Our talented team create luxury faux floral arrangements to suit any occasion or styling requirements, from weddings to corporate offices and home spaces.



Whether you prefer large indoor plants or delicate arrangements, artificial flowers are the perfect décor accessory that can provide multiple benefits such as making your space appear fresher, brighter, and fuller.

  • They are long-lasting: When you buy artificial flowers, you can guarantee that their appearance will still look elegant, fresh, and realistic for many years. They are incredibly long-lasting, and you can enjoy them for months on end without the added stress of maintaining the stems as you would with fresh flowers. Aside from a quick dust every so often, there is no need for daily watering, re-potting or picking dropped petals off the table.

  • You can place them anywhere: If you want to brighten up a dark space or add some colour by your window, a faux plant or floral arrangement is the ideal décor accessory. Our artificial flowers won’t wilt under intense summer heat, and you can rest assured that a high-end faux posy will look elegant and bright regardless of how warm you set your indoor heating for winter. We don’t recommend leaving the flowers in direct sunlight for long lengths of time as this could cause some fading over time.

  • You can display your favourite flowers year-round: Whether it’s a magnolia, poppy, peony or orchid, you can enjoy your favourite bloom every day with a faux arrangement. We have a large selection of seasonal flowers that our talented florist crafts into exquisite and realistic displays. You can get creative and make a unique and personalised arrangement from our single stem and foliage collection.

  • Faux blooms are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for people with allergies as you can enjoy the beautiful displays without any restrictions.


Consider our tips to get the most value out of your faux arrangements.

  • Select quality artificial flowers: To get a beautiful and natural-looking arrangement, you want your faux flowers to appear realistic. When selecting our stem range we ensure that the stems with only the most accurate botanical correctness, are selected.

  • Flowers should not be identical: One beauty of fresh flowers is that each stem is unique and has a different shape and size. For a more natural display, artificial flowers with internal wiring can replicate this organic appearance as you can bend and droop your stems. Our florist arranges our displays so that they are non-symmetrical for a beautiful and authentic design. For your own home creations, try using an odd number of stems.

  • Change up your displays: While your faux flowers will last for years, you can still keep your bouquet looking fresh and new by rotating the arrangement or placing it in a different place. You could also purchase several arrangements and rotate them around your home or office.

  • Dust every few months by blowing the flowers with a hairdryer

For a more authentic look, you can also place a small amount of water in your vase just as you would for displaying fresh blooms. However, be sure to seal any exposed wire at the bottom of the stems to prevent rust. Alternatively select a pre-made arrangement that already includes artificial water in a glass vase.



We provide exceptional customer service and beautifully curated faux flower arrangements for any occasion.

  • Subscriptions: You can enjoy the beauty of stunning new arrangements in your home or office every three months with our subscription packages. We have a selection of subscriptions, including petit or grand arrangements, and these are carefully selected by an interior designer to suit your space. We take note of your preferred style, and if a presentation is not quite right, we will exchange it for a more suitable option.

  • Weddings: We know that weddings are a special day, and we can ensure that your flower arrangements will add to the overall atmosphere. Whether it’s the bridal bouquet, buttonholes, hair flowers or reception décor, we can deliver stunning floral arrangements that are bespoke to your requirements. Our faux blooms are not limited to seasonal flowers, and they are sure to look attractive for the entire day and beyond.

  • Single stem flowers and foliage: While we have an extensive array of artificial floral bouquets, wreaths, wall hung blooms, and grand arrangements, you can craft something unique with our selection of single stem flowers and foliage. You can rest be sure that our quality high-end faux flowers are durable and contain metal so you can shape the display to get the results you desire. Our large selection of single stem flowers includes Roses, Dahlias, Lisianthus, Sweet Pea, and more. You can pair them beautifully with any of our foliage to handcraft a unique creation that is perfect for your space.

  • Bespoke arrangements created for your space


With a background in interior design and floristry, we understand the positive visual impact that flowers can bring to a space, yet we know how much work they can be to maintain. That is why we create high-end faux arrangements that look stunning and last through the years so you can enjoy the beauty of blooms for endless days. We have a vast collection of floral arrangements that can suit any home or office space and décor requirements. From rustic to modern, modest to grandiose, single stems to wall hangings, we are sure to have something to suit your style and taste. Buy artificial flowers in NZ from our online store or contact our friendly team for a custom arrangement.