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Are they real?

No. Apart from the odd real mossy branch and twig used for structure, our arrangements are created with faux (fake, false, artificial) flowers. As we take time and effort to source only the most realistic looking faux flowers, most people assume they are real when they see them – and that is what we want!

What are the Care Instructions?

Our arrangements require very little maintenance however they are still precious and should be looked after. Some basics:

  • If dusting is required, we recommend using a hairdryer on low heat to blow away the dust, a gentle hand vacuum cleaner, or a soft gentle dusting with a duster. If this is done regularly, they will always look fresh.

  • Do not use cleaning solutions (the latex covered flowers and leaves can handle a gentle wiping with a damp cloth)

  • Avoid displaying in direct sunlight for long periods as fading may occur over time.

  • Be careful about placing arrangements in windy areas.

  • Do not water the flowers or get wet as the stems contain metal and could rust.

  • If storing arrangements between use we suggest using the gift box as provided (garlands, wall bouquets, glass vases) or cover appropriately.

How long will they last and do the flowers fade?

Providing the care instructions above are followed there is no reason that these arrangements cannot last for many years, however, like most fabrics, fading will occur over time and the faux flowers will lighten. Generally speaking, the brighter coloured flowers will fade faster than the softer tones.

Can you put the arrangements outside?

Yes – no problem at all for temporary use (eg. dinner party etc) however they should be kept indoors for regular use (and remember they cannot get wet and the wind is not their friend).

If we already have a vase can you create an arrangement to go within it?

Yes, no problem – advise us of your requirements and we will do our best to make it happen – ideally, we would like to see a photo of the space it is intended for also. See our Bespoke Request Form

How do I know that you have received my order?

You will receive an email order confirmation. You can contact us at any time should you have any queries.


Can you create bespoke arrangements?

Yes, we can – phone or email us with your requirements no matter how small or how large – we are happy to work with you to create the perfect arrangement for your home or business space. See our Bespoke Request Form


Do I have to order online and pay with a credit card?

No, we also welcome phone or email orders and an invoice can be created for you or your business (for payment via bank transfer).

Can you ship flower arrangements overseas?

We do offer shipping to Australia (not all products are available due to fragile nature or size). If you are in a different country please contact us as we would be more than happy to provide a shipping quote.


What is your Returns Policy?

We are confident that you will adore your faux flower arrangement however if you are not completely happy, we offer a full refund (excluding freight) or exchange within 7 days of purchase. MORE

What are the shipping charges?

Auckland - $10.50 (see below for how this area is defined)
North Island (Non-Auckland) - $17.50
South Island - $24
Australia - $65 PER PARCEL (excludes any local duties/taxes) - POA for larger orders

​Why are some arrangements available for Auckland only shipping?

Due to the precious nature and large size of these faux flower arrangements and plants (and vases/pots they come in) we personally deliver and place these arrangements to ensure they arrive as intended – hence difficult to travel outside of this region.


How is Auckland defined as an area for your shipping regions? (for Auckland-Only arrangements or services)

We class the Auckland region as defined by Google Maps. If you live outside of this area please don’t hesitate to phone us as we may be able to work something out for you.


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to dispatch your order the following day and it should arrive within 5 working days (7-15 working days for Australia). Some products may require a longer lead time to prepare. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific delivery requests and we will do our best to meet your requirements.


What is the environmental impact of faux flowers?

In terms of carbon footprint, it is widely thought that faux flowers are a better alternative to fresh flowers. It makes sense if you consider that faux flowers are shipped and will last for many years, whereas fresh flowers are shipped and last for just one week.

Our Curated Botanics gift boxes are produced in New Zealand and we support NZ suppliers where possible.


Can I rent or hire the arrangements?

Yes, we can offer this for business or private use via phone or email requests.


If I subscribe to your database how often will I be emailed?

Our newsletters are sent out every fortnight (or so) and update you on the latest arrangement releases, special offers, and other news.

I suffer from allergies – are these flowers suitable?

Yes, these faux flower arrangements are great for allergy sufferers (and make a safe choice as a gift for those that may suffer). Also pet-friendly (providing they are kept out of reach).

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