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Curated Botanics Gift Box with bow



Are you thinking of ordering silk flowers online? Be sure to scan through the excellent selection available at Curated Botanics. We carry an elegant array of faux flowers that can brighten up any room.

Coffee Table flowers in lounge setting


If you have never bought silk flowers in NZ, you are certainly missing out on a variety of beautiful choices. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing a faux flower display for your home or office:

  • Minimal maintenance: If you find yourself juggling a busy schedule, it’s often hard to remember to do small tasks such as water the flowers. When you purchase a silk flower arrangement, you never have to worry about upkeep. You simply place the bouquet where it suits you and sit back and enjoy it all with the peace of mind of knowing that the flowers will never wilt or die.

  • A treat all year round: It’s no surprise that certain types of flowers are only available during set times of the year. When you opt to use faux flowers in your arrangement, you can incorporate any kind of flower regardless of the season.

  • Allergen-free: Do you avoid buying real flowers due to allergies? Silk flowers remove the possibility of endless sneezing and watery eyes.

  • Vase including: Our faux flower arrangements include a specifically selected vase which takes the guess work out of knowing what size, colour and style combination works best with your floral bouquet. Our glass vases even include artificial water to help your artificial blooms look super real.


When you need an attractive arrangement in New Zealand, you can always count on our team. When you place your order through us, you can expect the following:

  • Bespoke arrangements: Would you like to put a unique flower arrangement together for a special occasion? Not a problem. Simply reach out to us and we can walk you through the different silk flower choices you can use. We have a variety of flower choices that come in numerous colours and sizes See Bespoke request form.

  • Interior design collaboration: If you feel overwhelmed by our faux flower bouquet choices and you aren’t sure which arrangement would be best for your space, let us help. Our floral artist can assist you in picking the right assortment of faux flowers so that the arrangement and vase fit in perfectly with the style of the room. 

  • Flexible payment options: We strive to make it easy for any person to enjoy a silk flower arrangement without feeling as though they are breaking the bank. Our company partnered with Laybuy so that you have the option of ordering your bouquet now and making smaller, interest-free payments toward the balance over the course of the following weeks.

High tea table setting with pink faux flower arrangement
Artificial floral bouquet with pink hydrangea


At Curated Botanics, we work to provide you with simple yet elegant faux flower bouquets. Our customer service team is available to help you finalise your order or answer any questions you have regarding our silk flower options. Send us a message through our contact page for more information.

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