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Christmas Wreath artificial fern and eucalyptus



From mistletoe and poinsettia, from holly to ivy, beautiful flowers are a go-to holiday decoration – and artificial Christmas wreaths are right at home amid any style of décor. Curated Botanics provides a range of gorgeous wreaths, garlands and faux flowers arrangements for all occasions, so you can give your home the festive look you want during the most wonderful season of all. 

Christmas Dining Table Setting with xmas tree, wreath and garland


Faux Christmas foliage is growing in popularity for its many advantages over real trees, garlands, and wreaths. Here are a few great reasons to invest in fake Christmas wreaths this year.

  • They require less attention. When you choose faux wreaths, you can simply hang them and forget about them. You’ll never have to worry about watering, pruning, cleaning up dead leaves, or discarding at the end of the season – simply enjoy until you’re ready to store for the next season. 

  • They’re hardier. Faux wreaths can handle accidental falls, long-term storage, and other general wear and tear more readily than real leaves. If your faux wreath falls off the door, some quick rearranging of the pieces back into place is usually all it takes to restore it to its original beauty.

  • They last for decades. Real greenery has a frustratingly short shelf life. Artificial wreaths, on the other hand, will continue looking lovely for years and years with proper care and storage. That makes these décor pieces, not just attractive, but also environmentally- and budget-friendly. 


Artificial Christmas wreaths are beautiful, practical, and long-lasting. Here are a few steps that you can take to get the most value out of your wreath and ensure that it looks its best for as long as possible.

  • Choose the right wreath. Besides finding a wreath that you like the look of, it’s also important to find one that’s the right size for the area where you want to display it. Wreaths vary widely in width, so be sure to measure the space where you want to hang it and compare this to the measurements given online for the wreath that you like.

  • Beware of sunlight. Perhaps the biggest enemy of your artificial wreath is direct sunlight, which will cause it to fade in colour over time. This fading doesn’t hurt the quality of the wreath or its longevity – just be aware that it will occur if you do hang it directly in the sun, so you may want to choose a shadier or indoor spot if possible.

  • Keep it clean. Cleaning your faux wreath is easy. Like anything else in your home or garden, your wreath may accumulate dust over time whether stored indoors or out. Cleaning it is as easy as blowing the dust off the wreath with a hairdryer on its lowest setting – or wiping individual leaves with a slightly damp cloth. 

Floral wreaths in gift boxes (faux florals)
Dining room christmas setting with garland, wreath, christmas tree


At Curated Botanics, we design and create faux flower arrangements that bring joy to everyday living. We offer a wide range of artificial flowers, bouquets, wreaths, garlands, arrangements and more to give your home a warm, festive feel. We love nature and are passionate about bringing it into interior spaces in a form that will last. Should you have any questions about our arrangements for home or corporate use, feel free to contact us.

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