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Updated: Mar 10

Easter table styling

Easter is a special time of the year for our family. The mornings are crisp, the days clear and it’s a beautiful time to slow down, reflect and be thankful. We generally spend our Easter away and it’s filled with walks on the beach, trips to the coffee shop, foraging feijoas and devouring homemade hot cross buns.

Heather has always had a knack of adding small touches to make things feel extra special and Easter is no exception. With this holiday only a few weeks away, we asked her to put together a couple of looks for some Easter inspiration, as well as design some new pieces that suit the season but will also look great in the home year-round.

Decorating your home for Easter and creating a festive feel can be fun and will create special memories for your family and friends. Here are a few of Heather’s Easter home styling tips:


Faux peony arrangement dressed with easter eggs

Flowers, whether they are fresh or faux, add life and interest. Add them to your console table or dining table to create the focal point. Our 'Peony Love' and 'Foxglove Love' as displayed here both have an Easter feel. For a special Easter touch we have added hanging hand-painted eggs to the arrangements – this could also be done onto a mini Christmas tree (try our 60cm or 120cm Touch of Christmas Mini Trees) if you have other Easter decorations to showcase.

Easter table setting with bunny plates and rosemary sprigs


Everyone loves Easter eggs, so pop them in your favourite bowls and display them scattered amongst other things on a console, coffee table or dining table.

Console styled for Easter


A wreath adds another layer of interest and provides a festive touch. This year we have designed two wreaths (‘Chloe’ Eucalytpus Wreath & ‘Rustic Rosemary’ Wreath) which are beautiful for Easter but can also be used throughout the year. Display your wreath at the front door, placed over an entrance mirror or on the wall. We have some lovely ribbon options available if you want to add bows to an existing wreath.

Faux Rosemary Wreath for Easter


Adding Easter touches is the key. We hand painted these decorative Easter eggs (to nicer colours) and hung them off the flowers and placed them on the napkins as part of the table setting. They can easily be removed once Easter is finished and kept for next year.

Faux eucalyptus wreath on gold hoop


Whether you are having a simple afternoon tea with hot cross buns or a full course meal with guests it is nice to add some extra touches to the table and space so it feels like a special occasion. When setting the dining table, it is all about layering. Start with a base (whether it’s a table cloth or a place-mat (or both), then add the plates - we loved using these contrasting ‘bunny’ plates for added interest. Choose your favourite napkin (our White Linen Lace Napkins are a common go-to) then add sprigs and ribbon to elevate the table setting. Add flowers as the focal point of the dining table – these can be moved to a side-table or console as required.

Easter bunny plate with rosemary sprig


Add candlesticks down the centre of your table for extra ambience. Place wireless lamps throughout the space to add that nighttime glow.

Remember to have fun and be creative when styling your home for Easter.




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