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Updated: Jun 4

Mantle styling tips

Having an old villa means that we have 3 fireplaces in our home, each with a mantlepiece that is a focal point in those rooms. I enjoy styling these mantles as they provide a perfect ledge for displaying groupings of loved items. Below I provide some basic tips to help you style a mantle, or if you don’t have traditional fireplaces in your home then the same principles can be applied to a console or dresser.

The first and most important thing to do is to look and analyse your space. The below interior designer mantle styling tips are all really valuable but they need to be placed in the context of your own home. The main goal for mantle styling is to add items that complement your home and add something special and extra in the space. Think about the rooms balance, is there a large chair on one side which dominates (in which case you would design your mantle layout to counterbalance the visual weight of this chair, eg a large arrangement would be on the opposite side of the mantle from the chair).  This principle also applies with colour, balancing colour within the room e.g if there is a dominant colour somewhere you can use the mantle to bring this colour through.

Creating balance and a space that feels right takes time and plenty of trial and error - there is no right or wrong answer and your mantle should be unique and special to you, as the curation of objects has been your own styling journey.


Choose a large piece of artwork or a decorative mirror as the centrepiece. This creates a visual anchor. Place the focal point in the centre, ensuring it’s in proportion with the mantle and the room’s scale.

Mantlepiece styled with flowers and candles


Use objects of different heights to create depth. Tall candlesticks like our Black Iron Candleabra (below) or Gold Candlesticks (Set of 3 with Broste Candles) (above) can add vertical interest. We have recently added a few new faux flower vase arrangements to our collection that are tall and slender to suit a mantle. ‘Francesca’ Peony Vase (below) and ‘Florentina’ Tall Bearded Iris Vase (above) feature in these images. Slightly overlap items so your eye reads across the mantle as opposed to focusing on individual items.

Faux Blossom vase on bedside stool


Three is key! Group items in threes or fives for a more dynamic feel. Eg. a blend of 3 items, in varying heights (it could be a sculptural piece, anchored on a book with a taller item beside it). Balance doesn’t always mean symmetry. Arranging items in a visually balanced but asymmetrical way will look best.

Gold candlesticks on mantle


Add life to your mantle with fresh or faux greenery. Plants, floral arrangements, or branches can bring a natural and refreshing touch (or a bowl of pinecones as used above). Our faux arrangements ‘Francesca’ Peony Vase and ‘Florentina’ Tall Bearded Iris Vase feature in these images. 'Phoebe' Sage Vase and 'Verdure' Brass Vase are other upright options in different styles that would work on a mantle.

Mantlepiece styled with flowers and candlesticks


Combine different textures like glass, metal, wood, and ceramic to create a rich, layered look. Use contrasting materials to make each piece stand out. For example, in one of these settings I have placed one of our rustic hand-made Mini Moroccan green bowls with pinecones for a natural element next to a more modern looking and elegant set of Gold Candlesticks (Set of 3 with Broste Candles).

Coffee in bed on tray


You can use books as a base for other decorative items to add height and another layer of interest. In the below image our Ivory Fluted Pedestal Bowl sits on a book with some glass grapes (this decorative item is one of my favourite antique finds!) You should incorporate unique or personal items that you love like antiques, travel souvenirs, or family heirlooms to add character.


Use candles or lamps to add warmth and ambiance. Varying the height of candle holders can add dimension. Our cordless ‘Zafferano’ lamps (Olivia Pro in Dark Grey shown below) are a great option for mantles as they don’t require a cord. We also offer several styles of candlesticks that could work.

Cordless lamp on mantlepiece


Choose a colour palette that complements the room’s overall colour scheme. This helps in creating a cohesive look.


Incorporate personal photos or meaningful mementos. This makes the mantle not just a decor piece but also a reflection of your personality. Change up the display occasionally with new photos or mementos to keep it fresh and interesting.


Don’t overcrowd the mantle. Negative space is essential to let each piece breathe and be appreciated. Be selective with what you display. It’s better to have a few well-chosen items than a cluttered assortment.


Feel free to send us an image of your mantle and we can recommend some Curated Botanics items that will work in that space (and a digitally placed image will be sent back to you for consideration). See link: ‘Ask the Team’ request form.



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